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Mewa was created with passion, with passion of the owner ( a Hel resident) to produce traditional cuisine of Kashubian dune. The main characteristics of which are fresh fish prepared according to the recipies passed from generation to generation and the imagination of the chefs. Mewa was also a tourist need ... In the early 90's Hel, which was once a military territory, could now be accessed by the general public making it possible to walk all the way around the peninsula. After a few years, the tourists began to visit the Hel peninsula more often than before. Holidaymakers, in addition to enjoying the natural and historic values of Hel, needed places where they could eat fresh, tasty fish cooked according to local traditions. That is why we created Mewa.
In 1994, Mewa was open. It was one of the first eateries in Hel. A small wooden house that stood on the seafront and from the very beginning it was run (and still is) by Ms. Teresa. Menu prepared by the owner to be delicious home cooked food.
There was a new era for Mewa in 2005, when, after long preparations the old house was replaced by a new building. Now, there also are tables on the first floor, where you can admire the Puck Bay. It has also arranged a summer garden in front of premises to be able to taste dishes from the new menu in the fresh air.


Bar gastronomiczny "Mewa"
Natalia Ignasiak
ul. Morska , 84-150 Hel


0048 506 19 55 85
0048 728 91 11 64

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Child-friendly restaurant - toys, changing table, high chairs
Cyclists welcome

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